Frequently Asked Questions

Do all pets need to be microchipped in order to advertise on
No.  Currently this requirement only applies to the sale of dogs, however, Wellbred encourages microchipping your cat, rabbit, etc. as it is an effective and non-invasive way of reuniting a pet with its owner.

Why does Wellbred insist on microchip numbers for the sale of dogs?
Since 1 February 2020, Irish legislation states that if you are advertising a dog for sale, the advertisement must display the dog’s microchip number.  Wellbred fully supports this legislation and will not publish any dog advertisments that do not display a valid microchip number.

How do I get my dog microchipped?
You can take your dog to your vet to get microchipped. Your vet will register the microchip number onto an authorised database for you. All dogs in Ireland must be microchipped and registered on an authorised database by the time they are 12 weeks of age, or before they are transferred to another owner. Your vet will register the microchip number onto an authorised database for you.

What if I am selling more than 1 dog in my advertisement?
If you are selling multiple dogs in the one advertisement i.e. a litter, then the advertisement must display a valid microchip number for each dog, otherwise Wellbred cannot publish the advertisement.

I included a microchip number in my dog’s advertisement but still has not published it.
Wellbred can only publish dog advertisements that display a VALID microchip number.  This means that the microchip number is recognised by an authorised database e.g.  After you get your dog microchipped by your vet it can take up to 10 working days before the number is fully valid. Once it is recognised by then Wellbred can publish your ad.

You can check that your dog’s microchip number is fully valid by clicking here.  Once you see that your microchip number is valid, send an email to Wellbred and we will publish your ad then.  Click here to email Wellbred.

Will my advertisement be displayed for a shorter amount of time because of the delay in waiting for the microchip number to become fully valid?
No. Wellbred will gladly extend the duration of your advertisement to make up for any delay in publishing it due to waiting for the microchip number to become fully valid. Therefore, you will still get full value for your payment.