Wellbred.ie allows ethical breeders to connect with people who wish to find the most suitable pet for their homes. We welcome small animals and farm animals to be listed on our site. Our mission is to establish ourselves as Ireland’s most trusted site for the sale of registered pets.

Wellbred.ie prides itself on preventing puppy farmers from using our site by carefully monitoring and screening the number of adverts we allow each advertiser to place. We are dedicated to reviewing and approving each advert once it is submitted to us.

Wellbred.ie utilises verification checks on its site which requires licensed breeders to submit a copy of their licensing details and displays the license details publicly where relevant. This is done in order to comply with the Animal Health and Welfare (Sale or Supply of Pet Regulations) 2019 – details of which can be viewed here.

Buyers are nonetheless encouraged to carry out all the necessary checks before making any purchase of an animal.

At Wellbred.ie the care of the animal is of the foremost importance, therefore we maintain the right to reject any adverts that we believe do not adhere to animal welfare concerns.